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[Brewer's business trip] 9th anniversary of Daily Beer, Craft Brewers Club

Headbrewer and CEO Paul and QC brewer Young-jae Jo attended the 9th anniversary of Gorilla's longtime colleague "Daily Beer."

The event brought together people from the national brewing industry, including us. While drinking beer together, we discussed various beer projects to be carried out, thought carefully about the craft beer industry that we have made together, and actively exchanged Brewer and Brewery.

In particular, an award ceremony was held, and Gorilla Brewing's "National Treasure IPA" was awarded in the "Best Craft Spirit" category, which can be said to be the most honored craft beer brewery.

"National Treasure IPA" is a beer brewed from malt and hops made in Korea, and it has a complex scent such as fruit scent, flower scent, pine scent, and grass scent, but unfortunately it was discontinued just the other day.

However, Gorilla Brewing and Daily Beer are designed together to create a recipe, and you can see the heavy black beer [Busan Chocolate Stout] with plenty of chocolate! Please give us a lot of attention and support.

Various exchanges and collaborations between domestic Breweries and Brewers are expected, but we will share them as soon as it is confirmed.

Please look forward to future news!


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