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Head Brewer's Diary: 4th week, March in 2023

Dear beer enthusiasts,

Another week has flown by here at Gorilla Brewing, and as always, we've been hard at work brewing, canning, and cleaning to bring you the best craft beer in Korea. Here's a quick rundown of what we've been up to this week

Monday, March 20th

Monday was a busy day for us as we started the week off with our usual cleaning and prep work. We also delivered some of our latest batches to Seoul, including our popular Gorillager and our refreshing Orange Rice Lager.

Tuesday, March 21th

On Tuesday, we spent the day canning up lots and lots of Popsicle, which has been flying off the shelves lately. We also brewed up another batch of our Busan Pale Ale, which is one of our core mainstay beers. It's always exciting to see this beer come to life, with its blend of hops and citrus flavors.

Wednesday, March 22th

Wednesday was another day for brewing, as we made another batch of our Pale Ale. We also spent more time canning Popsicle, and the office team even had to move down to the brewery to help out! We're grateful for such a dedicated team, and we couldn't do it without their help.

Thursday, March 23th

Thursday was a day for more canning of Popsicle, as we worked to keep up with the demand. We also took some time to clean and sanitize the tanks, ensuring that every batch of beer we make is the best it can be.

Friday, March 24th

On Friday, we brewed up two batches of our Red Lager, which is always a hit among our regular customers. We also spent some time doing some heavy-duty cleaning around the brewery, taking pride in keeping our equipment and workspace in top condition.

Overall, it's been a busy week filled with brewing, canning, and cleaning. We take great pride in every can of beer we produce, and we're committed to bringing you the best craft beer in Korea.

Thank you for your continued support, and we can't wait to share our latest creations with you soon. Cheers!


The Gorilla Brewing Team


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